We at Al Moosawi are looking for people who are interested in improving their lives by entering the marine industry. We have many full-time opportunities for people who are interested in working in teams dedicated to helping our clients receive the appropriate marine products they need.

We have a variety of jobs for you to consider including manufacturing and distribution jobs. Our work is critical to the marine and industrial industry and the products that we make are essential to the functioning of any business.

Since 1986, we at Al Moosawi have been supplying marine businesses around the Middle East with several critical products for their operations. We started out with one office in Deira and have since expanded into being one of the Middle East's top suppliers.

We continue to grow to this day by providing clients with new solutions for ships, oil and gas tankers and petrochemical drilling facilities. Our selection of products has grown to include pipes, valves, flanges and more.

Today you can get into a position with us at Al Moosawi. You can grow with us in an exciting industry that is still expanding to this day. Be sure to send us your resume alongside our appropriate form to (insert email address here).

We pre-screen all candidates and perform appropriate drug tests before hiring every employee.

All resumes that we receive will remain in our file for a year after they are submitted. However, you have the option to send an updated version of your resume to us in the event that you feel the need for doing so.

Al Moosawi is an equal opportunity employer that encourages people of all backgrounds to apply.

Career Development

You will be fully trained while on the job and will also receive continuous training on all the newest technologies and procedures as they come along. We pride ourselves in helping our employees stay on top with the latest trends in the marine industry.

We particularly work well with employees who exemplify leadership skills and have strong work ethics. Many managerial and supervisory positions are available.


You can take advantage of our many benefits when working here. We have such benefits as medical, dental and vision coverage, paid time off and even the ability to reimburse training and travel expenses.

Our compensation rates for our employees are highly competitive with the rest of the industry. All salaries are negotiable but employees who perform to their best standards will be more likely to receive more money for their hard work.