We at Al Moosawi work hard to make sure every single one of our clients are fully serviced with the best possible industrial marine components for all their tasks. We've been in the marine industry for more than 25 years and we have been working for clients all around the Middle East with regards to assisting them in keeping their procedures running right.

Onshore and Offshore

We work with both the onshore and offshore sectors of the manufacturing industry throughout the Middle East. We focus on services for both those who work on the land and those who operate larger drills and offshore plants in the oil industry.

We currently have many pipes and fittings for every single one of our onshore and offshore clients. These include such products as carbon steel pipes, flanges and gaskets.


We understand that oil tankers have various needs for getting oil and other materials transported and distributed as safely as possible. We provide many different marine products for oil tankers to use including valves and fittings. Our steel fittings are capable of working in just about every individual tanker ranging from oil tankers to large gas containers.

Shipping Companies

The shipping industry is especially prominent in the Middle East as dozens of container vessels can be found around the waters everyday. We understand the need for the industry to function appropriately. That's why we work with dozens of shipping companies to create pipes and valves for use within their container vessels and other ships.

The Cruise Ship Industry

Cruise ships need help with keeping their functions intact just as well. This is especially the case with any energy-generating materials used within their businesses. We generate parts for cruise ships that can work inside their main engine rooms including devices used to regulate the usage of fuel, oil and other critical components.

Barge and Tug Boat Companies

The barge and tug boat industry is essential as it relates to getting massive bodies moved around the water. We know that businesses have several goals for getting massive items moved so we focus our work on many activities relating to what you can add. We provide our clients in these companies with fittings and other parts to ensure that their boats can continue to operate for as long as possible.

All of our clients at Al Moosawi are important to our business. We work hard to make sure everyone is satisfied and that our tasks work as well as possible. Consult us for assistance to day if you are looking for products to facilitate different onshore and offshore businesses.