Group of Companies

We have several different companies within Al Moosawi to help control every single function within the workplace. Our comprehensive approach to functionality is a necessity in the offshore industry because any ship or base that doesn't function properly could cost a business big time.

We have companies that work towards the manufacturing of individual parts for every single need that your business has. These include companies that can build check, gate, angle, ball, diaphragm and steam valves.

Our companies include ones that are responsible for the construction of large pipe materials. We work hard with companies around the Middle East to create pipes with strong carbon steel materials. These pipes are particularly designed in a massive variety of widths and lengths.

Iron companies are also part of our base here at Al Moosawi. Our iron companies are responsible for making iron fittings, valves and other devices. We particularly pride ourselves on making fittings that come in several shapes and angles to fit into every single construction project we can work in.

We also consult rubber companies for the manufacturing of gaskets, packings and other common solutions. Our companies work specifically well with a large number of sizes in mind including some options that are at least a few inches in diameter. These include soft rubber materials with thicker packing materials just as well. Our rubber companies focus heavily on getting the best rubber materials ready for use.

Some of our best companies are engineering companies that will work hard towards getting different pieces of equipment ready for use. Our goals involve making sure there are no problems coming with what is being created for our clients. We always make sure that any problems that come out of what we make are fixed as soon as possible.

We particularly have two offices that link all of our companies together. Our main office is located in Deira and has been expanding in size since it was first formed in 1986. Second, we have a sales office located in Ras Al Khor. Our sales office will help all our clients learn about what they can use and even has a department where our employees can review individual components to determine what should be added in the workplace.

Our group of companies at Al Moosawi will assist you with providing your business with the best solutions for all its marine needs. Our companies use many groups dedicated to the construction of different devices while also working alongside a strong sales office to give you the smartest options that you could ever utilize.