Al Moosawi has a long history dating back to 1986. The company was formed as Al Moosawi Trading LLC out of an office in Deira, UAE. It has grown alongside the rest of the Middle East to become a prominent player in the world of marine equipment manufacturing


Al Moosawi was created with a simple concept of making sure that all marine businesses and applications around the Middle East can run with a consistent series of actions and functions to make sure everything being done in a local space is as effective and useful as it can be.

The company was created in order to support the development of valves, pipes, flanges and other common materials used in the marine industry. These include products that work in both the onshore and offshore aspects of the industry.

The culture that was created during the progression of the company was has been made to where people are put ahead of everything else. The corporate culture here suggests that people who work hard deserve the best possible treatment and the best chances with having a stronger future.

Over the years Al Moosawi has expanded its functions to cover more industries. While the company works particularly well with covering offshore and onshore drilling companies, it has expanded to include services for tugboats, container boats and even cruise ships. Practically every single kind of marine application can be supported by the experts by Al Moosawi.

In addition, the company has expanded to include two separate offices. These include the main office in Deira and the sales office in Ras Al Khor, UAE. Both of these offices are located in the Dubai area and work particularly well with a large variety of marine companies based out of the same area.

The company is expected to more than likely start to expand over time as the marine business continues to evolve. After all, the Middle East has become amazingly prominent in the global economy. The expansion of Al Moosawi may prospectively include new industries and offices including some outside the Middle East. The sky is definitely the limit with regards to where the company is going.

Today Al Moosawi has become a member of a large variety of different organizations. It is a member of the National Association of Fluid Power and the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association. These partnerships are signs that Al Moosawi has a strong interest in helping people with all their needs.

The history of Al Moosawi might be short but the business is consistently growing and has become more viable for all needs that people have with getting their marine properties made.