You might be impressed at the large variety of different industries that Al Moosawi works in. Al Moosawi is a marine valve and fittings manufacturer that covers practically every single part of the marine industry.


The shipping industry is critical as it can entail hundreds of containers being transported on one boat to practically any place in the world. Al Moosawi serves the shipping industry by providing its fittings, pipes and oil control products to companies that make ships that move containers from one point to the next.

Passenger Boats

The passenger boat industry is filled with all sorts of different boats including cruise boats, ferries and even fishing vessels. Al Moosawi makes parts for all of these boats to keep them intact and to keep them moving as well as possible. This solution particularly works for moving large weights and even for facilitating the flow of fluids in energy-generating materials.


The oil industry has become critical to the development of the Middle East. With so many onshore and offshore facilities around the Middle East, it only makes sense that there are businesses out there that can work on the many needs that people in the Middle East have for getting their parts ready. Al Moosawi is capable of providing people with a number of solutions relating to building oil control products and pressure control devices used to keep the flow of oil and other critical fluids intact.


Dredging is done in order to excavate materials in large underwater areas. It's often used to replenish beaches and to make it easier for all kinds of waterways to be as open and functional and possible. Al Moosawi understands the necessity for dredging boats to be functional and consistently work especially considering how busy the waterways of the Middle East area. That's why Al Moosawi works so hard in the dredging industry to maintain different parts and to enhance the ways how businesses can move.


The barge industry is also large as it entails not only moving large items but also with moving items that might have broken down in the middle of the water. Al Moosawi builds pipes and valves for barges so they can keep working and be called into action in the event of an emergency on the water.

Small Craft

Finally, Al Moosawi can work alongside small craft boats to prepare them for the waters. These include such small craft as luxury yachts or fishing boats. Al Moosawi particularly prides itself on having a variety of sizes for all of its parts so it can prepare items even for the smallest boats on the water.